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To Chairs

  1. - Upon your arrival at the congress, please visit chairs/speakers registration desk at the latest 30 min before the start of your session to receive your congress kits.
  2. - Please be seated in the gNext-chairfs seath at the session room 15 minutes before the session starts.
  3. - Kindly be sure on the time schedule as listed in the session list. Please well control time & we appreciate your corporation in organizing session schedule on time. (Okay to adjust respective talk time. Total session time is need to be kept punctually)

AOCCN2017 Presenter's Instruction

To All Oral Presenters
  •  Please come to see gChairs/Speakers Deskh of the Advance Registration area in Foyer and report your arrival 1 hour before the start of the session. (For the earliest speakers in the morning, please come to see 40 minutes before the session.) We will provide you congress kits including a name card, Program and Abstracts (B&D Supplement).
  •  Please visit gPC preview centerh at 1st Floor of the venue & finish data installation by at least 30 minutes before your@presentation time. If you are the presenter of the 1st session of the day, we recommend you to visit preview center on the previous day of your presentation.
  •  Please be seated in the gNext-speaker's seath 15 minutes before your presentation time.
  •  Only a projector and personal computer (Windows) arranged by the organizing committee will be available in the presentation halls. If you use Macintosh or request to insert any animation, please bring your own PC.
  •  Please prepare presentations data transferred on a CD-ROM or memory stick and carry it to the conference venue. Kindly be sure to bring a back-up data as well.
  •  File names should be in order of: gProgram No_presenter nameh
    (e.g.: PS1-1A-1_James Brown)
  •  Audio is available.
  •  The following operation systems are acceptable.
    PC: Windows
    OS: Windows7 or later
    Applications: PowerPoint (version 2007/2010/2013/2016)
  •  Please make sure that your presentation file will run with Windows7 and complete virus test in advance. Please complete your presentation data in English.
  •  In case you use your own PC, you must bring the following items; AC Adaptor &Connection cables. Please ensure that your computer is equipped with the monitor connector of mini D-sub 15 pins. If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.
    @D-sub 15 pins
  •  If you wish to use data created by Mac OS, please make sure in advance that your presentation file run with Windows7 smoothly.
  •  During presentation, the green light starts blinking one minute prior to the finish and light will turn red when the time is up.
  •  Presentation data loaded on the provided computers will be completely deleted by the Secretariat after your presentation.
  • @PC Preview centerfs operation hour
    May 11th@AM 07:00 to PM 17:00
    May 12th@AM 07:00 to PM 18:00
    May 13th@AM 07:00 to PM 17:00
    May 14th@AM 07:00 to AM 09:00
To All Poster Presenters
    The judges of the Best Poster Award will review and mark the poster during poster presentation time. It might have some Q&A and discussion if judges are interested in your poster. Please note that the following cases are out of considering for Poster Award.
    ENo display of Poster
    EPresenterfs absence at the time of free discussion with the judges
  •  No specific registration is required for poster presentation. After receiving congress kits, please visit Poster Room and display your poster. We prepare push pins and a ribbon for presenter at respective poster board. Please ware the ribbon during poster presentation time.
  •  Poster discussion time is scheduled twice in a day as listed below. No chairperson will stand by. Poster presenter is required to stand by your own poster at the presentation time & explain to the audience.
  •  All posters will be on display at Poster room. No oral explanation time is scheduled in session rooms.
  •  Please see time schedule the below and make sure of Installation & Removal.
    Your poster No
    Presentation day
    Your poster No
    Presentation day
    Your poster No
    Presentation day
    8:30AM to 9:30AM
    9:00AM to 10:00AM
    9:00AM to 10:00AM
    9:30AM to 10:00AM
    15:30PM to 16:00PM
    10:00AM to 10:30AM
    15:10PM to 15:40PM
    10:00AM to 10:30AM
    15:10PM to 15:40PM
    18:00PM to 19:30PM
    18:00PM to 19:30PM
    18:00PM to 19:30PM
    Please remove your poster by the end of your presentation day.
    The Secretariat will remove all poster remains by the end of the removal time every day.
  •  Poster panel size is 90 cm wide ~ 210 cm high. For poster itself, recommendable size is 160cm x 90cm. Poster number will be prepared by the congress secretariat & ready at the poster room with push-pins for your poster in size 20cm x 20cm. Please prepare a banner to show your poster title, name & affiliation in size 20cm x 70cm.

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